Please note that we are still accepting contributions and sponsorships for the 2011 Grand Wedding! This is an open opportunity for everyone who is interested. If you have any questions at all about how to participate, please email or call us at 239-673-9620.

And the winners of The Grand Wedding 2011 are...

We are so incredibly thrilled to announce The 2011 Grand Wedding Couple
Christy Vinciguerra & Keith Goodwin
Keith is a baseball coach and Christy a cheerleading coach, both live right here in SW Florida.  Christy & Keith will be married on January 30th on the steps of the Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center.
More to come, please follow along as we plan this amazing wedding.
In the meantime, please do pick up a copy of Weddings Illustrated- you'll see TGW 2010 on page 132! 

All images are the fantastic work (as always) of Crystal Connelly; the official photographer of the 2010 Grand Wedding Engagement Party

Pictures from the Proposal Party

Cake by Kakes by Karen

I know, you're dying to see the pictures from the Engagement Party.  Trust me, they are coming and they are fabulous.  But I for sure wanted to show these amazing images from Audrey Snow Photography from the Proposal Party first!  They really do show how much fun we have as a wedding community when we get together to plan an awesome wedding like The Grand Wedding.  Everyone is so excited...and we can not wait to dive in!
Gift bags for everyone!

Tarra and Ashley

Crystal Connelly

Flowers by Signature Florals

Hope Henderson and Kelly McWilliams

Alicia and Teresa from South Seas

Kim Becker and Little Miss Frey

Danny & Amy Morgan, Thank You for the Dance

Sue Bain & Gail from Signature Florals

Mike Owen & Audrey Snow (Owen?)

Jim Griffith, CEO, SBDAC

Kim talking about the success of TGW 2010

Kelly McWilliams giving her motivational speech

Tiffany, Kristin, and Nick

The Grand Atrium

Sue Bain

Karl Rowhorst

The Nowhere Band

Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center

The Nowhere Band was a huge hit!

 Thank you Audrey & Mike for capturing these moments for us!