Please note that we are still accepting contributions and sponsorships for the 2011 Grand Wedding! This is an open opportunity for everyone who is interested. If you have any questions at all about how to participate, please email or call us at 239-673-9620.

IheART video presents The Grand Wedding Video Trailer

The cake tasting video blew me away.  This video made me cry the happiest tears.  The Grand Wedding was everything we had all hoped that it would be.  I think after seeing this, you'll see just how happy a day Christy & Keiths wedding day was.

The Grand Wedding 2011 from iheART Films on Vimeo.
Thank you so very much to iheART films llc for compiling this beautiful and fun video highlight of one of the happiest days ever.

It's Grand Wedding Style: Cake Tasting Video by iHeart film studios at Kakes by Karen

If the video of the cake tasting is this cool- can you imagine what The Grand Wedding video is going to be like?  I am so beyond thrilled to show you guys this mini from iHeart Film Studios.  I invited them along to the cake tasting down in Naples at Kakes by Karen last week thinking it might be fun to do something fun and unexpected.  What iHeart came back with tonight...LOVE. Giddy, frosting on top, love.  This my friends is how your wedding planning and engagement time should be.  It should be fun. Going to the wedding cake tasting is always awesome in my opinion; but add a great baker (Kakes by Karen) with a passion for her art as big as her talent and add a couple that is so giddy in love that sweetness is an understatement and...alright, I'll shut up now.  I'll just let you watch the video (let it buffer one play all the way through if it freezes up on ya).

Cake Tasting from STEVEN GILKESON on Vimeo.

Tuxedos, Invitations, and Rehearsal Dinner

It has been a busy week for The Grand Wedding couple Christy & Keith!  First, Kylie & I met Keith at Rnellls Tuxedos to pick out the attire for the Keith, his groomsmen, the ringbearers and the fathers.  Picking the perfect tuzedos was easy with Laura's help.  She knew exactly what tux would best suit our retro wedding, Keiths personal style and look amazing next to Christys stunning wedding dress from Tie the Knot Bridal Salon.
Next up, the invitations came in!  Shell of Get Groovy designed the invitations and response cards.  Can I just say that she nailed it? This was exactly the look we were going for. We are ecstatic! The black, raspberry, and white all worked together seamlessly.  One of my favorite things about having Shell design the invitation- nobody else has ever had it.  Its completely original for The Grand Wedding.

Finally this week, we headed out to Casa Ybel where the rehearsal dinner will take place.  If you haven't been out to this beachfront property- GO.  It's gorgeous.  Thistle Lodge is open for lunch and dinner and honestly, there isn't a more spectacular place to dine just feet from the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico.  After picking out the menu, we headed upstairs with Jennifer to the Waterfront room (and its not just named that- it is that!) and decided on the design concept for the dinner.  The dinner this night...its all about fun with the family.