Please note that we are still accepting contributions and sponsorships for the 2011 Grand Wedding! This is an open opportunity for everyone who is interested. If you have any questions at all about how to participate, please email or call us at 239-673-9620.

Apply to win!

So you want to win The Grand Wedding 2011? Fantastic!  First, here are The Rules.
Now, fill out the REGISTRATION FORM
We'll contact you soon to complete the application process and then we'll see you at The Engagement Party on October 3rd!

Impressions Photography at The Engagement Party
Then engaged, now married!
Applications will be accepted up until midnight on October 1st.  All applicants must be present at The Engagement Party Luxury wedding showcase on October 3rd (The showcase is from 1pm-4pm) to be eligible to win The Grand Wedding or one of the finalist packages.