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The Dress! The Dress!

This past Saturday, Christy went to Tie The Knot Bridal down in Naples for her 1st dress fitting and wedding day styling.  All I can say is stunning!  The dress is the perfect fit for her retro inspired wedding (just over a month away!).  Christy and her mom arrived to the boutique for their private styling appointment with Tie the Knot co-owner Hilary and Pop Jewels owner Maria.
Here is a sneek peek of Christys styling session:

Here's the difference between Tie the Knot bridal and most of the "big stores".  When you arrive at Tie the Knot, you are there for a personal and private appointment.  Their ultimate goal is to help you find you ultimate wedding style and make sure that your entire look works.  That means picking everything from the dress, to the shoes, to the accessories AND the dresses you'll wear to all your other parties.  Engagement, shower, welcome reception, rehearsal dinner.  You only get married once, and you'll want to look your best always.  This is how you do that!

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