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It's Grand Wedding Style: Cake Tasting Video by iHeart film studios at Kakes by Karen

If the video of the cake tasting is this cool- can you imagine what The Grand Wedding video is going to be like?  I am so beyond thrilled to show you guys this mini from iHeart Film Studios.  I invited them along to the cake tasting down in Naples at Kakes by Karen last week thinking it might be fun to do something fun and unexpected.  What iHeart came back with tonight...LOVE. Giddy, frosting on top, love.  This my friends is how your wedding planning and engagement time should be.  It should be fun. Going to the wedding cake tasting is always awesome in my opinion; but add a great baker (Kakes by Karen) with a passion for her art as big as her talent and add a couple that is so giddy in love that sweetness is an understatement and...alright, I'll shut up now.  I'll just let you watch the video (let it buffer one play all the way through if it freezes up on ya).

Cake Tasting from STEVEN GILKESON on Vimeo.

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